Our little baking story 🎂



Baking. It’s all become a little bit serious. We watch pros battle it out, never quite sure how they do it. But baking is for everyone.

We are all about the fun, creativity, accessibility and of course taste!

We do all the boring prep, develop amazing recipes and no matter your experience, create an amazing day out. And with a new bake every month, the fun never stops. Meet our team that make it all happen.


Meet our founders

Hey Bakers! We are Adam Chaudhri and Eloise Frank. Two very proud small business owners who in 2017 set up The Big London Bake, with one mission, to make baking fun and accessible for all.

We love going to immersive experiences. With backgrounds in travel and events, we knew we could create something great.

Hopefully in the eyes of our customers we have! We are London’s highest rated event, we’ve won ‘Best Experience for South London’ and we’re shortlisted for ‘Small Business Entrepreneurs of the Year’. Come join us for a bake or just get in touch to say hi! 👋

Just a bunch of baking nuts (does not contain nuts)

Meet Our Baking Team


Head Baker Chris

Previously baking at The Ivy and Jason Athertons No.5 Social, Chris is always testing new recipes. Also, listen out for his laugh, its infectious.


Head Baker Sasha

Sasha’s family have a military and medical background, so of course, she got into baking. Sasha also fancies herself as a DIY wiz, although she’s a much better baker.

Head Baker Nyssa

As well as a patisserie chef, Nyssa is also a professional chocolatier having trained down under in Australia. She also has a rolling pin tattoo!



After 10 years in TV, Aimee brings us a bit of showbiz, looking after our marketing and private customer bookings. She also bloody loves cakes.


Social and community

We work with our local community and fantastic causes because nothing makes people happier than a bit of cake.

We’ve helped bring down thousands of people to our local community and make it that little bit more famous.

We work with local schools, hospitals and a whole host of amazing fundraisers to help bring a little bit of baking joy, courtesy of us.

If you think we could help contribute to something amazing, then get in touch with us, and if it’s a match, then we will try and help - contactus@thebiglondonbake.com.


Every month something delicious, creative and fun!