I want to book for a group. How can I do this?

If you would like to book for a group, you can simply click the book now links at the top of the page, and increase the number of people attending to the desired amount. The minimum booking number is two people, as we have a team of two at each bake station. If your party is an odd number, they may be paired up with someone new, which is where all great friendships and romances begin.

I have an allergy, what is in your bakes?

Our bakes change every month, but we prepare a wide range of baked goods in our marquee, so we cannot guarantee an allergen free environment. Some of our foods contain allergens. Please email us on contactus@thebiglondonbake.com if you have questions regarding allergens, and we will send you the ingredients list for this month's bake. The Big London Bake is not a nut free event, and traces may be found in our ingredients.

I want to book the entire marquee for a special event like a company away day or hen do

No problem. If you would like the entire marquee, just send us an email at contactus@thebiglondonbake.com and we can reserve a session for you. We can do special, extra long sessions on all days of the week, where you can create even more amazing creations and take over our beautiful venue. We are also attached to a rather fantastic pub, so your food and drink needs can be well looked after.

Can I book a bake for just myself?

Yes of course. We do have a minimum booking requirement of two people per station, but if you would like an entire bake station to yourself, you can! Just select 'book now' and process a booking for two people.

I want to book a gift voucher. How do I do this?

Booking a gift voucher is easy. Just follow this link here to book a set of vouchers, and the lucky recipient just needs to contact us when they would like to reserve their spaces. Easy.

Vegan? Gluten free? Don't worry, we love you too!

We have Vegan and Gluten bakes at the ready. Just book with us and drop us an email a week before your bake at contactus@thebiglondonbake.com,.We will provide all the ingredients you need for your special bake when you arrive. Simple.

I am under 18, am I allowed to take part?

Baking is for everyone, so we have no age restrictions but any children under the age of 18 must either bake alongside a responsible adult, or for every 4 children attending under the age of 18, 1 supervising adult is required to attend. Please note that children will need to be supervised when using the ovens and hobs, our friendly team will be on hand to help give guidance on safe usage of these. If you are booking tickets for under 18’s to attend, please email us at contactus@thebiglondonbake.com to confirm the ages, number of children attending and date and time of your booking. If you are under 18 and you are planning on attending our event, just make sure your session ends before 8pm as our connected pub doesn't permit minors to walk through the pub after 8pm.

How much is it for children to attend The Big London Bake?

A: All ticket prices are as listed on our website. Children under the age of 5 are free of charge when baking in a 3 alongside 2 full price tickets. If you wish to bring any children under the age of 5 to our event, please email us at contactus@thebiglondonbake.com.